Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for the right school, we know you have many questions. Our goal is to give you the answers you need so you can make the most educated choice. Here’s a brief list of Halstrom Academy’s most frequently asked questions to help you find quick answers. Please contact us to answer more in depth questions or better yet schedule an appointment to come by your local campus to visit. Seeing the campus, talking with the Director, staff, instructors and students makes all the difference in helping you make the right decision.

When was Halstrom Academy founded?

In 1985, Halstrom Academy was founded as Futures High School. Since then, Halstrom has helped every one of the 16,000 students whom we have taught to reach their potential and believe in themselves.

How many students are typically enrolled at Halstrom Academy?

The number of students fluctuates from year to year and month to month. We offer open enrollment so we can serve students anytime they are in need, not just once a semester. We are proud to say we have experienced continued growth since we first opened in 1985. To date, more than 16,000 students have attended Halstrom.

What kind of students attend Halstrom Academy?

Our students are from varied backgrounds with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. All kinds of students attend Halstrom from gifted to remedial, and all students find success. We benefit students with learning challenges such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and social anxiety, as well as accelerated students who need AP courses and advanced curriculum. We also benefit students who need flexible schedules like actors and professional athletes. All of our Halstrom students are motivated to succeed on their own terms, and they become responsible, self-directed learners.

How can a student succeed by attending only a few days a week?

Students attend Halstrom a few hours a day, a few days a week. Each student has a 50-minute, one-to-one individualized instruction appointment designed specifically to meet their unique needs and learning level. After each appointment, the student is assigned five hours of homework/preparation that is done outside the classroom but can be completed on campus. All students must demonstrate a minimum mastery level of 80% per assignment. If a student is not able to demonstrate minimum mastery, the teacher will re-teach and reassign the material before moving on to the next assignment.

Why does Halstrom go by Halstrom Academy and Halstrom High School?

Halstrom High School changed its name to Halstrom Academy to serve both middle school and high school students. WASC accreditation, UC/CSU certification and NCAA approval is classified under Halstrom High School until the name change is updated on the accreditation sites. To check the CEEB code for the campus nearest you please click here.

Is Halstrom Academy accredited?

Halstrom Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Our campuses have earned 6 year terms, the most allowed by WASC. Campuses that are less than a year old operate under our flagship campus in Mission Viejo, as satellite campuses until they receive their own accreditation.

Are Halstrom Academy courses UC/CSU approved?

Yes, Halstrom has an “a-g” approved course list from the University of California and California State University, as well as an approved course list from NCAA.

Do Halstrom Academy graduates attend college?

Yes! Many of our graduates attend colleges and universities across the country and abroad, such as UCLA, Arizona State, Loyola Marymount, Stanford University, San Diego State University, and London School of Business, to name just a few. Click here to see a full listing of colleges Halstrom students have attended.

How much does it cost to attend Halstrom?

Tuition is schedule-specific to each student and is determined by the number of courses taken at once. Full-time enrollment costs $16,000-$33,600 per year based on a 4-6 course semester schedule. Visit the tuition page and look for your campus and/or region for total costs or better yet call for customized quotes.

What is the difference between Halstrom and other 1:1 schools?

Halstrom offers an academically rich curriculum and structure. Students may stay on campus to finish homework and receive help from a teacher in designated study areas called “The Study” or leave campus to focus on extra curricular activities, volunteer work, or take care of a loved one. We also provide a more affordable solution than other 1:1 schools.

What is the Halstrom schedule?

Halstrom has a year-round, open enrollment policy. Students create a personalized schedule to accommodate their optimum learning time. Appointment times are available during the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Can students transfer to other high schools?

Students may transfer to another high school. Bear in mind that each high school has its own transfer policy and course requirements. In addition, Halstrom credits can be transferred to other high schools. To find out more, contact the Halstrom campus you attend or would like to attend.